Quran School Curriculum

We’ve developed our own new curriculum and teaching resources for Quran Schools and Madrassas to meet the needs of teachers and children. These resources are a wonderful source of traditional knowledge and understanding of Islam, presented in a colourful and child-centred way. These resources promote the use of multiple intelligences to accelerate children’s learning.

Invitation Publishing has been developing its curriculum over the last 20 years. Our curriculum is structured into four distinct syllabuses, all aimed at giving learners a firm foundation in their Quranic reading and understanding, Islamic knowledge, spiritual development and grasping the Arabic language. All our publications contain many innovative features and interconnections, to ensure students learn in an engaging, steady and coherent fashion. Our curriculum includes:

  • Qaidah
  • Tajweed
  • Duas and Surahs
  • Adab (Morals and Manners)
  • Basic Fiqh (rules of Wudu, Salah etc..)
  • Seerah (Life of the Prophet)

Watch the overview video below to learn more:


Our resources include:

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