Let’s learn to read the Quran – Full Set


This set of Qaidas is full of stimulating graphics with a simple layout that provides an opportunity for pupils to learn Arabic with fun and ease. Pupils learn phonics, how to form words and read short sentences in preparation for moving up to actually reciting the Quran.

The Let’s Learn to Read the Quran Level 1 & 2 introduces children to the Arabic alphabet, the beginning, middle and end forms of letters, the Fathah, Kasrah and Dhammah. There are plenty of exercises that ensure the pupils have plenty of opportunities to consolidate what they have learnt.

The Let’s Learn to Read the Quran Level 3 continues on from Level 2. Pupils are introduced to the Jazam/Sukoon, Tanween, Shadda, Madd and so on, presented in a bright, colourful way, guaranteed to keep pupils engaged whilst they are learning to read Arabic.

The Let’s Learn to Read the Quran Level 4 is actually an introduction to the Quran.  Pupils are not accustomed to reading long passages of texts as presented in the Quran at this stage so level 4 introduces them to long sentences and long passages of the continuous Arabic text. Pupils are taught how to develop their breathing and eye movement so they can recite fluently.