Let’s Learn Islam Textbook – Level 3


The third book in this series of four attractive textbooks develops from book 2. The subjects of Fiqh, Sirah, Dua, Aqidah and Morals & Manners and explored in more detail. Both the range and depth of topics covered is sufficient to cater for the needs of a young practising Muslim.

Let’s Learn Islam Level 3 Textbook covers the following areas of Fiqh; the Wajibat, Sunnah, Mustahabat, Makruhat, Mufsidat of Salah. The Fiqh of Jummah (Friday) Prayer, Janaza (Funeral) Prayer, Eid Prayer and Nafl (voluntary)Prayer.

Manners in Islam covers the Islamic etiquettes of not being wasteful, politeness, being punctual and helping others.

Memorisation incorporates Duas for the day and Night including, waking, sleeping, travelling, going to the toilet, entering and leaving the Masjid, beginning and end of a meal, entering and leaving the home, fasting, visiting the marketplace, looking in the mirror and visiting Graveyards

Sirah of Muhammad continues with the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad in Madinah and explains the relationship and issues with the groups of people already living there. Covers all the major treaties and battles up until the conquest of Makkah. See the contents page image for a full description.

Aqaid (The Muslim Creed) looks at the beliefs around Allah, The Day of Judgement, Intercession and the Prophets.





Publication Date

May 2009