Am I Judgmental If I Say You’re Judgmental?


By Rohail Aslam

This timely book takes us on a journey of how we can judge without the potential pitfalls of being judgmental. Although the book makes its own judgements about the world and its flaws, the key message of how we should be using the art of being judgmental is very clear. Whilst some level of being judgmental might be necessary to draw lines of what might be considered moral or fair, it is the manner and form of this judgement that seems to be the crux of the problem and lies at the heart of the message from this book. Using an accessible and conversational style, Rohail explores what being judgmental means and how it manifests in different ways, particularly its more malevolent and destructive forms, and how judgmentalism has ‘interlaced itself culturally within the fabric of just about every society on the planet’.

The Author

Rohail Aslam is an Emotion Coaching Trainer and offers bespoke training to families and organisations both in the public and private sector. Rohail strives in supporting people to live work and tackle challenges together through connecting, empathising and focussing on a common goal.





Publication Date

Jun 2021