Journey to God


Translated by Dr Musharraf Hussain

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A translation of ‘Man’s Journey to God’ by the spiritual guide Hafiz Abdul Karim. A guide to self-purification and spiritual development. The heart is drowned in the love of the world and completely unaware of the hereafter, unconcerned with prayer, fasting, almsgiving or pilgrimage. In such a worldly environment it is imperative for self-improvement. This book is a source of inspiration as well as a cure for inner and outward sicknesses.


The Author

Hazrat Qibla Bawa Jee or better known as Hafiz Pir Abdul Karim was from a very pious family, his forefathers were also pious Muslims. Regarding his spiritual life, he took bayyah from Baba Faqir Muhammad Churahi. Hafiz Abdul Karim completed Hifz at a very young age. As a young child, he was different from other children and kept out of trouble and bad company. At a young age, he studied Hadith from Mishkat Sharif, Ihya ulum, Masnavi, Fiqh and other books of hadith and tafseer. He was an astute scholar.