Ash Shifa


By Qadi Iyad

Translated into English by Aisha Bewley

This is the first English translation of Qadi Iyad’s definitive text ‘Ash-Shifa’. For a thousand years, this beautiful and majestic book has guided the Muslim community to a straight and balanced path in their beliefs and practices concerning the Messenger (peace be upon him) and the Risalah (the message) in general.

The Author

Qadi Iyad was an amazing scholar, at the age of eighteen he was already accepted in scholarly circles and was appointed qadi when he was 35 becoming first the qadi of Ceuta in 515 AH/ 1121 CE and later Granada in Spain in 531 AH/ 1136 CE. He was exemplary in his knowledge of the sciences of hadith from which ocean he drew his astonishing work titled ash-Shifa.

The Translator

Aisha Bewley is one of today’s most prolific translators of classical Arabic works into English. For more than thirty-five years she has been concerned with making the contents of many classical Arabic works more accessible to English-speaking readers.

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Diwan Press

Publication Date

Revised edition 2011