An Introduction to Challenging Topics for Young Muslims – Book 2


By Dr Abdul Qader Ismail

Children in today’s world are bombarded with information at an ever-decreasing age and from an ever-increasing number of directions. From what they see on TV, hear on the news, experience online and discuss with their school friends, much of what they are exposed to is from a secular and sometimes Islamophobic background. Unfortunately, the effect this can have is to create serious doubt regarding their faith, with which they have not yet developed a strong, personal relationship.

As Muslim parents and Islamic school teachers, being proactive and having the courage to talk to our children about challenging socioreligious topics is vital. By introducing these topics in a safe environment and opening their eyes to the beauty and complexities of Islam their faith will be strengthened, their relationship with us will be based on open and honest communication, and they will be prepared for the wider world.

The Author

Dr Abdul Qader Ismail received his medical degree and MA at the University of Oxford, before training as a paediatrician with a special interest in neonatal medicine. He has always had a keen interest in research and is currently doing a PhD at the University of Leicester. This book has been his most challenging to date, bringing together complex and sometimes controversial topics that have required extensive reading and reflection. Despite this, he was driven to write a book that would help young Muslims understand the modern world in light of their faith and be able to engage in debate regarding sensitive topics, confident in the knowledge that Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him) have provided us with guidance within the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and Ijma (consensus) of the scholars, for any and all challenges.





Publication date

Mar 2021



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