Welcome to Invitation Publishing

“Invite to your Lord’s way wisely: teaching in a pleasant manner, and debating with courtesy” [An-Nahl: 125]

Our Vision

To motivate people to lead a better life through our educational and inspirational content.

Our Mission

To provide knowledge for people of all ages, through which they can learn and be inspired to lead a good life as responsible citizens.

Islam is a religion that is an ‘invitation’ to the Divine banquet, it relies on communication, so people can come to enjoy the delicious food for thought. Early on when Muslims began to preach the message, they were inspired to use a variety of means to invite people to the way of their Lord. This included writing and compiling books on various topics, the Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Morality and Spirituality. So, writing books and publications have been the cornerstone of preaching and teaching of Islam. For example, the Quran mentions the letter that Prophet Sulayman sent to the Queen of Sheba, the Messenger (peace be upon him) himself sent dozen of letters to rulers and kings, these were introductory leaflets on Islam. So, the publication of books, leaflets and short tracts is part and parcel of Dawah work. We are a Dawah organisation therefore we believe publication is central to our work.

Another reason why we publish our books is that mainstream publishers will simply not publish Islamic books. Therefore, its imperative that we publish and encourage Muslim authors. This is crucial for our survival and countering the liberal, secular and aggressive atheist culture that is encroaching all around us. We are like a ‘nursery’ in which an author’s brand, career and readership could be nurtured over time.

This is about the glory of Allah and ensuring a place for Islam in the public square. We believe in this work passionately that is why we are in the publishing business. Islam offers world peace, goodness and a flourishing life. We have a responsibility to counter the culture that spreads evil and threatens the survival of humanity. Our commitment is to Dawah, to make money matters but is not the purpose of Invitation Publishing.

Inspired by our Islamic faith, we are committed to serving Muslim communities worldwide by publishing innovative, relevant and authentic books. In today’s ever-changing world, we seek to enable Muslim spiritual, cultural, intellectual and creative expression in ways that are engaging, exciting, traditional and modern.